The PTO at BMI is the central parent support organization.  An organization established to provide the teachers, staff, and students with programs, events, and materials that enhance the curriculum, build character, and encourage school spirit.  We strive to bring into closer relation the BMI parent with the total BMI school experience!  The primary goals of the PTO are to promote the educational welfare of our students in the home, school and community.  The PTO also uses fundraising opportunities to provide financial assistance for activities and services beyond that provided b y the school and to foster communication among parents/guardians, children, teachers, staff and the community.


Programs that engage families in supporting their children’s learning at home are linked to higher student achievement.

Any parent or guardian will automatically become a member when their child is enrolled in Beatrice Mayes Institute Charter School and should feel a responsibility in taking part in the activities of the school. All teachers and staff employed by Beatrice Mayes Institute Charter School are automatically members and are encouraged to take part in the activities of the school.

Our parents are exceptional in that they balance the demands of full time careers, the responsibilities associated with family life and serve as active supporters of the school. One of our functions as an educational program is to support families who are very busy and whose extra time is often limited.  Parents have the opportunity to enhance the children’s program by volunteering in any capacity and to attend PTO meetings.

A calendar, handouts, and newsletters will keep you informed about school activities.  Please communicate any concerns or suggestions to the staff. We want your ideas.

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