At BMI, we set high standards to ensure the success of every child.  We rest in the fact that you too agree with the call to afford our children the best education possible.  It is of great importance to us that we work hand in hand in supporting our like efforts in making education a top priority.  Demonstrating the importance of maintaining and strengthening our school for the betterment of our children, is essential to our children’s success.  We need you to echo the sentiments of honesty, respect, and hard work in our everyday efforts at BMI, which demands ultimate success for our children; it guarantees consistency at school, and in our children’s family life.  The essence of a well rounded, balanced education is not the sole responsibility of the teachers for it involves the participation of parents, teachers, and administration.  We are all partners in the ultimate success of our children.

With the BMI family and parents working together, we can create an atmosphere of excellence… but we need your help! We encourage and invite you to participate in one or more of the following parental committees to assist in providing our children with the best possible educational experience.

Promotion and Retention

  • Convene Hearing
  • Recommendation of Grade Level Promotion
  • Recommendation of Grade Level Retention

Policy Making and Enforcement

  • Recommend School Policy under the Code of Conduct
  • Enforce School Policy under the Code of Conduct
  • Oversee the development and implementation of School Policy

Disciplinary Committee

  • Help with New and Innovated Concepts to deter inappropriate behavior
  • Recommend Strategies for discipline
  • Organize seminars and workshops for the student body and teachers

Programs and Special Events

  • Organize Special Events and Programs
  • Coordinate efforts and disburse responsibility
  • Serve as liaison between campus organizations and administration

Parental Mentoring Program

  • Organize workshops for a multitude of parental/student issues
  • Council students with concerns they may have
  • Serve as support groups to parents and family issues

Campus Beautification

  • Responsible for the up-keep of the campus
  • Prevention of campus deterioration
  • Recommend strategy for new innovative ways up-keep of the campus

Homeroom Parents

  • Communicate information with student body and parents about school events
  • Organize homeroom activities
  • Serve as liaison between other homerooms

Team Moms and Dads

  • Support athletic teams with sporting goods
  • Supply athletic teams with common needs
  • Serve as liaison between athletic teams and administration

Volunteers for Reading and Math

  • Organize tutorials for students who need extra attention
  • Work with teachers to develop ways and concepts for the students to learn


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