BMI has established an on-going system for identifying, locating, and evaluating students, including highly mobile students or those not regularly attending school, with disabilities are in need of special education and related services.

At BMI, our special needs students are mainstreamed, which means they are kept in the classroom with the other students. It has been our experience that students with special needs are able to grow and develop at a faster, effective pace. Students are able to build their self-esteem, learn from their peers, and simply able to live a life of an average student.

Our Special Education Staff is more than qualified to care for our children. We have an excellent staff that is capable, loving, and effective in the educating special needs children.

For more information about Beatrice Mayes Institute and our capabilities to handle your Special Needs child, please contact us or reach out directly to Brigette Boudreaux-Powers, our Special Education Coordinator, at bboudreaux@bmi.wonderlandinc.org.


‘In studies comparing the academic performance of mainstreamed and segregated students, the integrated group outperformed the segregated students by 30 percentile points (Weiner R., 1985).’