BMI has achieved the Exemplary Rating from the Texas Education Agency for 7 of the previous 10 years.

Being a member of BMI’s exemplary staff, has enabled me to utilize my creative and innovative teaching style and techniques to meet the needs of each individual student entrusted to me on a daily basis. As a teacher at BMI, I am allowed to incorporate any logical strategies that will ensure my students are getting exactly what they need to achieve in all academic areas. I am faced with a plethora of students with various backgrounds. The autonomy given to me by my superiors allows for me to take charge and make any necessary adjustments that allows for individual academic growth.

I am proud to tell others that I am a member of BMI’s exceptional staff. Not only does our staff have the best interest of each student at heart, but we work as a close knit family ensuring that each of us are there to assist our “brother” and “sister” in any area that they may need assistance. This quality is attributed to the fact that BMI is a family based development built on support, trust, and love. These three characteristics flow over into the staff producing a harmonious relationship amongst everyone.

Working under the direction of superiors who only accept excellence, produces a group of students who are productive, responsible, competent, and confident. By doing this, we have fulfilled our mission, and we can rest peacefully at night because our job is done.

Mrs. Kellaye Broussard-Parker

Middle School English Teacher

  1. Chimyra Yancy

    My name is Chimyra Yancy and I am writing to show interest in the Teacher positions available. Currently I hold a Bachelors Degree from Lamar University in General Studies with disciplines in History,Health, and Kinesiology. I am certain that my education and experience will serve as a valuable asset to this Institution . I would welcome an interview and hope to hear from you at your earliest convenience.Attached to this document are my Letter of Interest and Resume which contains additional information on my experience and skills. Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to speaking with you about this exciting opportunity.

    Chimyra Yancy
    12230 Kings Path Ln
    Houston, TX. 77044
    Home Phone: 281-686-9472
    E-mail: Chimyrayancy@yahoo.com

    I am a Graduate of Lamar University and hold a Bachelor of General Studies Degree with disciplines in History, Health, and Kinesiology. Opportunities to play a role as a Child Care Specialist and Instructional Assistant at behavioral Institutions, has given me useful exposure to the world of education. My mission is to “help others, help themselves”. I strive provide educational services to low-performing/at-risk students, advise students of corrective actions to improve academic performance, and assist students in overcoming educational obstacles. I have accomplished experience in:

    * Curriculum Development and Design * Behavior Management
    * Student Assessment * Student/Classroom Discipline

    The overall experience that I have acquired with students range from the After School Enrichment Program for the Julia C. Hester House to Houston’s Independent School District’s, Community Education Partners. At Julia C. Hester House, I served as a After School Achievement Specialist to students grades 1-5. I was responsible for:
     Enhancing students knowledge by providing academic enhancement and enrichment through subjects such as Math, Science, Reading, English, and History specifically.
     Assisting youth in tutorials and homework.
     Providing recreation, sports, arts, and career exploration.

    At Community Education Partners, an Alternative School in alliance with Houston’s Independent School District, I was employed as a Instructional Assistant. There I helped enforce the Educational and Behavioral regulations in place at the facility. I hope being a educator at HISD would give me an opportunity to share ideas by working together with a team who share common values.

    The value I can bring to this institution can be summarized thus. I have:
     A flexible nature attained through working in situations of a challenging, mission-critical nature where the overall success of each individual, is the ideal result.
     Relationships with the students has remained helpful and encouraging. I have a team-centered attitude that, combined with my drive to come up with the necessary results, is extremely likely to be of the greatest benefit to this institution.

    I trust that it is my responsibility to “connect” with all students that I am responsible for. I care about an opportunities to work in diverse environments with people from different cultures and socio-economic backgrounds because I can relate to the environment. I believe that students’ emotional well being plays a vital role, and, as a result, I strive to remain a dedicated resource of nurturing support, encouraging all students to do their best. I would welcome an interview and hope to hear from you at your earliest convenience.

    Best Regards
    Chimyra Yancy

    Chimyra Yancy
    12230 Kings Path Ln • Houston, TX. 77044 • 281-686-9472 • ChimyraYancy@yahoo.com

    Effectively provided educational services to low-performing/at-risk students, advise students of corrective actions to improve academic performance, and assist students in overcoming educational obstacles, obtain healthy study skills and cope with personal problems. Accomplished experience in:
    * Curriculum Development and Design * Behavior Management
    * Student Assessment * Student/Classroom Discipline

    Bachelor of General Studies with emphasis in: Awarded August 2011
    History, Health, and Kinesiology Lamar University, Beaumont, TX
     Major GPA:3.00/4.00
     Relevant Coursework: Atypical Child, Therapeutic Crises Intervention, Adolescent Psychology, US/International Health Disparities, Elementary Geometry, Human Growth and Development.

    Instructional Assistant Community Education Partners, Houston, TX 10/2008-7/2009
     Planned and delivered proper lessons using an array of presentation methods in order to keep students involved and meet their individual needs
     Advised students of corrective actions to improve academic performance through teacher/student development
     Provided educational services such as History, Science and Math to low-performing at-risk students
     Handled confidential information and some complex matters
     Assisted students in overcoming educational and personal problems, and study skills deficiencies
     Demonstrated problem-solving skills when social and academic issues evolved with students

    After School Achievement Specialist Julia C. Hester House- Houston, TX. 8/2008-9/2008
     Provided academic enhancement and enrichment to elementary aged students
     Assisted students in tutorials, homework, subject specifics and technology activities through recreation, sports, arts, and career exploration
     Established and maintained a positive classroom environment that promoted good behavior
     Used a range of various learning resources and equipment to challenge and motivate students to reach their fullest potential

    Child Care Relief Supervisor Louisiana Methodist Children’s Home- Ruston, LA 12/2005 – 05/2007
     Provided care, attention, advocacy and support for children and teens in structured settings and aid students in their growth and development
     Submitted treatment to residential youth and served at-risk children.
     Reported orally or in writing on overall patient progress to treatment team members
     Accompanied at risk youth ages, who had behavioral issues up to and including: suicidal youth, highly depressed youth, sexually abused/abusive, physically abused/abusive, Juvenile delinquents, OCS, DOC, and private placed youth.

     Microsoft PowerPoint, Word, Excel and WordPerfect 13yrs
     Excellent interpersonal skills in the areas of problem-solving, conflict resolution, and decision-making processes
     Ability to communicate with all level of employees and students
     Experience with Internet (Research & Navigation), Blackboard, PeopleSoft, and Banner (Software)
     Devoted listening skills and empathy with clients

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