Enrollment in Beatrice Mayes Institute Charter School is a privilege and not a right. Students who are enrolled in the school must obey all rules continually and constantly. Parents will be asked to withdraw students who violate major rules or who repeatedly violate minor rules. Lack of knowledge of a particular policy will not excuse a student from the responsibility of obeying it.

It is extremely important that each Beatrice Mayes Institute student and parent be familiar with the policies in existence. The handbook has been prepared with the purpose of serving as guide to school officials, students and parents. If the contents of this handbook are known and the guidelines followed by all, the school will function smoothly and efficiently resulting in less friction and misunderstanding. This harmonious operation will result in increased academic achievement and a greater degree of satisfaction for all.


BMI averaged a 97.5% student attendance rate per nine-week period last year.


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  1. Reg

    Highly effective article. Much has been said about this recently in the media, but I get more from your well reasoned viewpoint.

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